Monday, April 30, 2007


ARGH!!! I don't get it....Here's the deal. I got scheduled to work at 5 am at the pool. I'm supposed to be "opening" it (i.e. get the bleachers down, turn the ventilation on, play some music and of course the lights). The part that I don't get is...why am I opening the pool at 5 when it isn't open to users till' 9 am. I'm surprised no one has brought this to the admin dept....I'll be the first and hopefully create history.

I'm gonna get some shut eye before pointlessly waking up at 4.30am. Hopefully.

P.S. Artic Monkeys rock!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

WTF happened to Avril?

Have any of ya'll heard Avril's latest album - The Best Damn Thing? If not, DON'T, unless you have absolutely nothing better to do with your precious time. It's sad to see what marriage did to her musical talent. I don't mean to sound ice cold but the only song on that album which seemed worth listening to is Keep Holding On. The rest are plain childish/pop/immature poppycock.

Anyways, I just got back from the formal I was talking about and it was awesome. We had kebabs, quesadillas, mac n cheese, and choc. fondue just to name a few. Danced like no tomorrow after a satisfying dinner and had a blast. There's nothing better than seeing everyone going crazy and putting self-consciousness aside.

Morgan n me

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I just got back from a MUSE concert - a 40-minute long orgasm. Unfortunately, they were headlining for MCR and not vice versa. FCUK!!! But anyways, it was feckin' awesome to say the least. It is definitely one of those things you gotta do before you die (attend a MUSE concert). Their live performance are infinitely better than any other artists I've seen. The vocals and instruments sounded almost like the CD, if not better (they were definitely not lip-syncing). The lighting effects was sync so perfectly with the beats of the songs. I couldn't and wouldn't dare ask for a better gig.

As I see it, the world is now divided into 2 main factions.....MUSE fans and non-MUSE fans.

Monday, April 23, 2007


I don't know about you but it sounds like good news to me....some girl I met on the New Orleans trip invited me to her sorority's formal. Her name is Morgan and she's a wonderful person. I'm just happy and I can't help but express my feelings. The formal is this Sat. and will post the pics up...Ciao!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

-I Love N.O-

Sup back from New Orleans (N.O.) at 2 am on Monday. It was a long ass bus ride but we made it. Took us about 9 hours in total but frankly, anything longer than 5 hrs doesn't make much of a difference. It's still in the 'where's-my--legs' category.

NO was awesome! We had a blast building the playground and clearing up dilapidated houses... to be precise, crap. It was sad and fun at the same time. To see all the houses in such a shape and to be able to help those who need it. Anyways, I've posted the pics up here.

Check this video out before you leave.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Bonjour! How you guys doing? Does philanthropy sound familiar to you? It didn't until I came to GT. It's basically community service and it's what people do to feel good about themselves. But there some who do it for the sole purpose of helping others and do not brag or feel proud about their deeds. Like me ... =).... even though I'm blogging about it. I'll be going to New Orleans this weekend for a trip organized by GT to help build a playground for the kids affected by that disastrous hurricane.

I was surprised when I found out how big philanthropy is here in America. The frats and the sororities create alot of opportunities for their members to perform such noble acts.

I'm definitely looking forward to my trip this weekend. Besides building a playground, we are going to be visiting French Quarter (a place rich in New Orlean's history and culture), participating in a cook out, and joining an easter egg hunt. Will be taking a shitload of photographs and they will be posted on Photobucket by Sunday. Hopefully.

For more info, click here


Saturday, March 24, 2007

Land of the dogs that were let out and sang about!

Miss me? Even if you don't I miss ya'll. I would like to apologize for the month long hiatus as I've been as busy as scientists trying to cure cancer. In case you haven't been told, I recently went to Bahamas for my much deserved (in my opinion but may not be the truth), and much needed Spring Break.

I spent about 5 days there doing all the shit Spring Breakers do. Smoked, drank, ate good food, partied, etc. The island that I went to is Nassau and it's the biggest island in the Bahamas with about 200k ppl out of the overall population of 300k. Stayed at this cheap ass motel for 20 bucks as we were willing to compromise comfort for alcohol, cigars, and parties. There are alot of clubs in the Bahamas and the more well-known ones are Cocktails n Dreams, Senor Frog, Waterloo, and Charlie's. Went to all of them but Charlie's. Covers are 10 bucks, affordable.

I have to say that I didn't enjoy myself at the clubs at all. There were girls going wild and wet t-shirt contests. It totally degrades the fairer sex and self-respect is down the drain. Isn't it amusing that the more develop a country is, the more immorality reigns. Sigh! I wish I could talk to each of them on a personal level and educate them about self-value. But then again, we can't always get what we want.

FYI, Bacardi is made in Bahamas and they have tours of the plant but somehow we just didn't plan to go for it. Rum is their unofficial national drink and they come in all flavors. We tried some Mango Rum and it was awesome to say the least. A 740mL bottle will set you back a meagre 8 USD. I felt really "erotic" when I had fire in the hole. What a great sales gimmick.

Alcohol is sold everywhere on the streets. Duty free shops, roadside stalls, and even under women's skirts. It's an alcoholic's paradise. If you aren't when you visit, you will be if you stay long enough. Cuban cigars are available in abundance. I don't know how much it usually costs but I bought 2 for 10 bucks. They were selling purple haze (slang for weed) but I didn't really want to spend 60 USD just to get a fix. I visited the straw market - where handicrafts made from straw, obviously, are sold - and to my surprise, most of the products there were made in China. If you want authentic Bahamian handmade straw products you have to ask for them. I find such a brainless fact hard to beat. Even immaculate conceptions sound more logical.

Some of the local delicacies include conch (pronounced konk) salad, conch fritters (my favorite), conch chowder, grilled crack conch, turtle steak (didn't try) and guava duff (a local dessert which has a very strong cinnamon taste) .

Conch is a type of shellfish which is tasteless and it's texture is similar to calamari. It has a mild fishy odor and isn't very tasty on its own. It is believed to increase one's libido and I ate a shitload of em' but didn't feel horny at all. Maybe because my libido is at it's maximum level.

All in all, Bahamas is a great place to chill and take your mind of work and your worldly problems. I definitely want to revisit that place and maybe even buy a house there in the future.
Anyways, I've posted all my pics on Photobucket. Just follow this link to see them.