Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Bonjour! How you guys doing? Does philanthropy sound familiar to you? It didn't until I came to GT. It's basically community service and it's what people do to feel good about themselves. But there some who do it for the sole purpose of helping others and do not brag or feel proud about their deeds. Like me ... =).... even though I'm blogging about it. I'll be going to New Orleans this weekend for a trip organized by GT to help build a playground for the kids affected by that disastrous hurricane.

I was surprised when I found out how big philanthropy is here in America. The frats and the sororities create alot of opportunities for their members to perform such noble acts.

I'm definitely looking forward to my trip this weekend. Besides building a playground, we are going to be visiting French Quarter (a place rich in New Orlean's history and culture), participating in a cook out, and joining an easter egg hunt. Will be taking a shitload of photographs and they will be posted on Photobucket by Sunday. Hopefully.

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